All about Indivi for people with MS

What is Indivi MS (dreaMS)?

Indivi MS (dreaMS) is a smartphone app scientifically designed to help monitor and best manage treatments for people like you who live with MS

Make notes

Adding notes into your Indivi MS (dreaMS) app based on your everyday tasks will help regularly keep track of something called ‘biomarkers’ (things that can tell your healthcare team what’s happening with your disease). These may be signs and symptoms affecting your mind and/or body. 


Your healthcare team can then use your notes to understand if your MS is staying stable with your current treatment. Or, if your MS is getting worse, work out what treatments might better manage your disease. 


On top of this, your information can greatly help pharmaceutical companies understand more about MS and use what they learn to create new and better treatments. 

Live life

Over all, the main aim of Indivi MS (dreaMS) is to help people with MS like you continue doing the things in life that you love for longer.
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Help us build a future for MS

Join us in reshaping the future of MS care with Indivi MS (dreaMS). Our cutting-edge app is making a real difference. Contact us to get involved and be part of this impactful journey.

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Instructions for use

If you have doubts about how to complete Indivi MS (dreaMS) tasks and activities, you can check the manuals here.